How Our Virtual Coaching Empowers The Neurodiverse For A Life Of Independence

(Program For Adults 18+)

We know that becoming self-sufficient is a lifelong journey. Let us help make that easier.


The story behind Daivergent

Daivergent is unlocking the unique aptitude of people with neurodiversity and disability, delivering vocational, social, and life skills training through its innovative platform

We help you achieve Goals

Are you hoping to get a job? Find new friends? Live independently? Whether its one or all of these, Daivergent helps you to achieve your fullest potential whether you are a:

  • Parent of a transition-aged young adult about to hit the services cliff
  • Service provider that wants to prepare your clients for the 21st century economy
  • A self-advocate who knows you can do so much more

As a Limited Time Bonus:

Access to our catalog of Live Expert courses taught by the top 2% of professionals in special education, vocational rehabilitation, and counseling

Choose to take part in our daily courses that teach subjects like:

  • ​How to be a strong candidate to successfully pass a job interview
  • ​Strategies to find companies focusing on hiring neurodiverse job-seekers
  • ​Building up your job search skills and understanding the best jobs
  • ​​​Improving social and professional skills in the workplace and at home

We have people paying thousands of dollars for this education , but it's fully included when you join REACH!

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Read how Daivergent's platform is closing the autism & disability job gap


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Daivergent sits down with the WSJ to talk about the neurodiversity advantage


How it all Works

We provide online training and lifelong plans in three critical domains: vocational, social, and life skills With the largest library of virtual resources and our 24/7 team, our platform always finds you the best training. Guaranteed.

Our platform can deliver job-readiness to anyone, anywhere

We spent decades helping adolescents and adults attain their professional dreams. Years ago, our team created the first in-person job training programs in the US, dedicated to bringing the disability community into 21st-century careers. It's now used by the biggest companies in the world, and has helped thousands get jobs. **Keep in mind that it typically takes up to 90 days to receive the training needed to get a job**

For the first time, we brought our program online so everyone can benefit.

We've helped over 2,500 individuals get the training and support they need to thrive.

"We appreciated the communication and responsiveness
from Daivergent, and were impressed by its capabilities and tailored data solutions"

SVP, Clinical Ops at COTA Inc

Our Community Partners

No one wins alone. We engage with the neurodivergent and disability community, and are proud to partner with organizations that are leading the charge:



What others are saying about us


My Experience at Daivergent

“I’m learning a lot at Daivergent — corporate work etiquette, general expectations, sprint planning. Daivergent has better prepared me for working in a group and has challenged me to find more efficient methods to find information. I’m proud that I finally got a job because of my training.”

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