we help you
Build Confidence and Achieve independence

For neurodiverse adults and adolescents,
life can be difficult.
Let us help make it easier.


What is Daivergent?

Daivergent provides coaching that helps people with neurodiversity and disability overcome obstacles in their life.

We hire the best coaches in the country, who deliver personalized vocational, social, and life skills training -- 100% virtually.

​And the best part? We're covered by insurance for Arizonans with Medicaid (UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and Mercy Care DDD).

We help you achieve YOUR Goals

Are you hoping to live independently? Get a job? Find new friends? Or all of the above?

Daivergent coaches help you achieve your fullest potential, whether you are:

  • ​An Adult that knows life should be better, but is unsure how to take the next step to make things better
  • ​A Parent of a young adult looking for services after high school
  • ​A Community Organization looking for resources to help your clients

What's Included With Daivergent Coaching?

Be supported by the top 2% of professionals in special education, job coaching, and life skills services
and get access to our high-quality personal and professional development curriculums​

Whether you choose to meet once a week or five times a week, you'll build skills in hundreds of areas like:

  • Social  and Communication Skills: Improve personal and professional social skills  in the workplace and in the community
  • Employment Readiness: Building up your job search skills and understanding the best jobs
  • Independent Living: Strengthen time management, executive functioning, and essential life skills
  • ​Self-Confidence: Gain the confidence and self-advocacy skills that allow you to thrive in adulthood

Check out our coaching brochure to learn more:

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Read how Daivergent's platform is closing the autism & disability job gap


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Daivergent sits down with the Wall Street Journal to talk neurodiversity

Our program is available anywhere, anytime

Our team created the first in-person job training programs in the US,
dedicated to bringing the neurodiversity community into 21st-century careers.

Over the years, we've added life skills and social skills into our programs,
and our programs are supporting families around the nation.

For the first time, we brought our program online so everyone can benefit.

What Our Clients Say About Us


My Experience at Daivergent

“I’m learning a lot at Daivergent — corporate work etiquette, general expectations, sprint planning. Daivergent has better prepared me for working in a group and has challenged me to find more efficient methods to find information. I’m proud that I finally got a job because of my training.” - Leon C. (5 Years with Daivergent)

We've helped over 2,500 individuals and families get the training and support they need to thrive

Our Community Partners

No one wins alone. We engage with the neurodivergent and disability communities,
and are proud to partner with organizations that are leading the charge:


Ready to see if you qualify for coaching
with your AHCCCS insurance?

Daivergent only accepts UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and Mercy Care members
enrolled in Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS) or DDD.

We are in the process of adding other insurers like Banner Health, Care1st, and others.

​If you are a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan or Mercy Care DDD member,
please click below to confirm your in-network eligibility.

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